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Cory Young bought his first acoustic guitar when he was thirteen. After playing the guitar for many hours a day his parents noticed that their son had a passion for music. Cory was given his first electric guitar at the age of fourteen. In just 2 years of playing the electric guitar Cory became involved in his local church (youth) worship team. After 5 years of playing he now plays in the main auditorium at The Bridge Church.


     Wanting to perform one of his favorite types of music (Blues/Rock) Cory formed a band called "Truth Of Blues" on November 14, 2014. He met the drummer, Jake Herzberg at Guitar Center's Drum Off contests in Murrieta. and he also met the bassists Hunter Webb at Guitar Center. After an argument about the direction the band was going, Hunter Webb quit the band in Augusts of 2015. Truth Of Blues then decided to change the band name to the lead vocalists and guitarists name Cory Young.   

Cory Young
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